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ARE YOU CURRENTLY paying $5-$20 per inmate call because they are billed as  'long distance' with 'per minute' charges?


HAVE YOU RECENTLY had a love one transferred to, or incarcerated in a Country, State or Federal facility that is 'long distance' from you? (We serve ALL jail facilities.)

Benefits to you

Your inmate's calls will now be billed as a LOCAL call with no 'per minute'charges making the cost of the call SUBSTANTIALLY LESS.

Unlike our competition, we do not charge 'by the minute'.
You simply pay $15 total per month for UNLIMITED use of our number for calls with your inmate.

Plan Features
  • Unlimited Calling-No per Minute Charges
  • No Changes to Your Existing Number or phones
  • Works with Home or Cell Phone
  • Easy Enrollment - Easy Payments
  • No Contracts No - Credit Check
  • Cancel Anytime - No Cancellation Fees
  • Lowest - Cost Provider
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