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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does Prison Call Solutions save me money?

A. Inmate phone calls are expensive because they are "long-distance". We make those calls cheaper by providing you with a local phone number to the jail and then connect the inmate.s calls to your home, work or cell number.

Q. Why do I need a local phone number from the prison?

A. To save you money on your calls. Direct dialed calls and pre-paid accounts are all based on how far the inmate is calling on a phone call. By using one of our local phone numbers, the distance is reduced to as short as possible to the prison, saving you money on each call.

Q. What does a Prison Call Solutions Local Line cost?

A. We are the lowest-cost inmate call provider-GUARANTEED. The cost is just $20/(MO to MO), ($49/(Quarterly), $79/(6 MO). The BEST VALUE is our 1 yr plan ($125). Unlike other services we do not charge a 'cancellation' fee.

Q. What do you mean by 'Unlimited Minutes'? Does this mean that I can talk to my inmate all I want for $15 per month?

A. YES. Unlike our competitors, we do not limit the talk time OR charge by the minute. We allow you to talk to your inmate as much as you wish. However, if your inmate is in a State or County Jail, you will likely have to establish a pre-paid account with whomever the jail's call provider is. (You pay them for the calls- You pay us to make the calls local AND MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE.)Because they own the jail phones and have contracts with the facilities, you can not avoid using the pre-provider entirely. You can minimize what you pay to them by using our service.

They may limit the talk time but we do not. Simply pu, we guarantee the lowest possible cost per call.

Q. Can I use the Prison Call Solutions Local Line with my current Home/Cell/Work phone?

A. Yes you can. You may use your home phone, cell phone, office phone. You do not have to buy a new phone nor any hardware. You can start the savings start with the very first call.

Q. Does Prison Call Solutions work with "Pre-Paid Collect" accounts at county jails and state prisons?

YES IT DOES. It was designed to work with any phone system. The savings on pre-paid accounts within the prison phone system are substantial. For example, if an inmate is currently paying $5.00 to connect plus $0.45 per minute, a 15 minute call would cost them $11.75. With our service the call would cost just $5 because there would be no LONG DISTANCE per minute charges.

Q. Does your service provide the actual phone calls from County/State jails?

A. NO. WE SIMPLY MAKE THE CALLS LOCAL, therefore CHEAPER. Please contact your inmate's jail facility's inmate phone provider. You MUST have an account with them in order to receive calls BECAUSE THEY OWN THE PHONES AND THE JAIL GIVES THEM THE EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS TO THE CALLS. You CAN NOT avoid them altogether, BUT, you can minimize what you pay to them.

Q. Can the Prison Call Solutions service allowed to be used at a Federal prison?

YES. We do not change any of the procedures used to ensure a "safe" call within the prison system. We simply provide a local phone number. When an inmate uses this number, they still go through the prison phone system and they still must put the number on their approved call list. The difference is that future calls will use this new number. This is how they stay within the rules, but reduce their costs from 23� a minute to only 6� per minute.

Q. How many minutes are included per month?

A. Our "UNLIMITED" plans are all UNLIMITED minutes. (Up to the maximum the prison allows).�There are some rare circumstances when we have to source a number which will require a limit to the amount of minutes. We will always make you aware of this prior to account activation.�Even with a limited account our plans are the least expensive available.

Q. So if my inmate uses your number, it will not violate prison rules or policies?

A. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Our infrastructure uses the same phone lines as any other phone call. When calls are made through our system, all the prison security systems will still be in place. Your calls can still be monitored by them and you can still deny or accept any call, any time. All prison rules and regulations are still in effect.

Q. Why does Prison Call Solutions need to verify the forwarding number?

A. Our policy is to verify all numbers that we connect to. This is done for the privacy of both the recipient and the inmate. We also verify that the recipient desires to receive calls from the inmate and that the number we have on file is correct.

Q. How does Prison Call Solutions verify the forwarding number?

A. Once we receive all customer info and forwarding call number, an PRISON CALL SOLUTIONS representative will make a brief call to the forwarding number to verify it's a valid working number.

Q. What if my Home/Work/Cell number changes? Can I have my number changed to ring my new number(s)?

A. YES. We will can switch your line to ring your new phone. There is a $20 fee for this service.

Q. WhaWhat if my inmate is transferred to another facility? Can I keep my current phone number?

A. Most likely you will not be able to retain the same number. Depending on the location of the new facility, we may have to secure a new local number for that facility.

Q. What about the privacy of my information?

A. We do not share or sell your information with any one in any way. We consider the privacy of our subscribers and users to be our top concern and priority. Please see our Privacy Policy.