Inmate Calling - Prison Call Solutions
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Inmate Calling - Prison Call Solutions

Welcome Securus Customers to Prison Call Solutions

Securus Tech Customers: 
  • ARE YOU CURRENTLY paying Securus $5-$20 per inmate call because they are billed as "long distance"  with "per minute" charges? 
  • HAVE YOU RECENTLY had a loved one moved to or incarcerated in a State County or Federal facility served by Securus that is "long distance" from you?  
  • Wondering what to do next so that you may begin to:
  1. Receive your inmate's calls              and/or:
  2. Reduce the cost you're currently paying for your inmate's calls?
  • If you face either issue, our service WILL save you money with Securus.


  • FACT: The ONLY way to save money on inmatecalls is to have a phone number that is "local" to your inmate's jail. 
  • WHY?  Without a LOCAL number your cost for jail calls will include very expensive long distance "per minute" fees, which will cost you as much as $25 per call
  •  FACT: Our local numbers save you up to 80%, Because, by being LOCAL to the jail, they enable you to avoid the costly "long distance" "per minute" fees.       
  • It really is this simple:
Prison Call Solutions's Local Number is the only way to ensure you get the lowest possible cost on your Securus inmate calls.                 

Inmate Calling - Prison Call Solutions
Inmate Calling - Prison Call Solutions


1. We will provide you with a LOCAL number to your inmate's jail facility (we serve ALL JAIL FACILITIES) then route the inmate's Calls to you on your home or mobile phone- anywhere in the U.S. as if they dialed your number direct. By doing this, we will save you nearly 80% on your inmate calls.

2. Give the number to your inmate and contact the phone provider for the facility (Global Tel Link, Evercom, IC Solutions, Correctional Billing Services, etc.) to setup your NEW number on a prepaid account.

(Except Federal- This is not necessary for Federal prisons.)

3. When your inmate calls your new Prison Call Solutions number, your home and/or cell phone will ring, you'll answer it as usual (You do not need to change your existing number.)

  • Start SAVING 35%-80% on your very first call.
  • We GUARANTEE your savings.

After you Sign Up and make payment, a Prison Call Solutions activations specialist will contact you by phone, usually within 24 hours.

Inmate Calling - Prison Call Solutions