Refund Policy

Our website clearly states in several places that our service will only save you money if your present number is long distance. If you choose to sign up even though your number is already local (even if the service was not used) we do not issue refunds.

Prison Call Solutions pays in advance to acquire the LOCAL number(s) based on the subscription level chosen by our customers at time of enrollment. Because we are not refunded by our service provider, we cannot provide refunds due to the inmate being released sooner than your service is due to end or your realizing after you place your order that you don't require our services.

Once a number is issued and activated, WE CAN NOT PROVIDE A FULL REFUND FOR ANY REASON

If the facility or it's phone provider does not allow use of this standard telephone number, it is not the fault of Prison Call Solutions. We only issue working telecom services and neither the facility nor it's pre-paid phone provider are affiliated with this company.

If you have paid for the service we encourage you to use the number provided. If there is a reason why you are unable to setup or use the number please let know so we can assist you.


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